UK users of the Novatel Wireless MiFi 3G router should check whether they are affected by a recent security scare and be ready to update their software, its maker has said.

Affected models of the MiFi 2532 - sold by all major mobile networks in the UK - can be identified if the firmware version is v5.15 or later, found by logging into the web console browsing to the system tab and selecting ‘modem firmware version'.

The company was unable to say how many MiFis might be using this firmware version, but it is safe to assume that most will be - users rarely update something as fundamental as firmware.

The security scare started after a researcher reported being able to use the MiFi's internal GPS to work out a user's location and change the devices security settings. Although the flaw counts as serious, Novatel pointed out that the vulnerability did require the user to be lured to a specially-crafted website while they were logged into the web console.

"If a user closes the admin page at the end of the session there is no risk. This is currently being explained to our carriers of the 2352 models," the company said in a statement.

Novatel has not said when an update will be available. Techworld gave the MiFi a favourable review in October 2009.