Rising security services and software company Trustwave has signed an agreement to buy prominent Anglo-US security company M86 Security for an undisclosed sum.

M86 Security has a convoluted history, starting out from merger between two small security companies, US-based Marshal, and UK-based 8e6 Technologies in 2008.  

This company, Marshal8e6 added a small email scanning startup called Avinti before changing its name to M86 Security.  In 2009, M86 Security started its own acquisition trail, adding Israeli security web security company Finjan to the fold.

What Chicago-based Trustwave gets with M86 Security is a company with a strong web and anti-malware portfolio to add to its own burgeoning product line of cloud and SIEM software and services.

“By acquiring M86 Security, Trustwave is adding web security to one of the industry’s most comprehensive security product portfolios, including our compliance, application, network and data security solutions,” said Trustwave CEO, Robert J. McCullen.

Trustwave appears set on a growth path that involves buying up choice morsels from around the industry. In 2010, it bought Breach Security, after a spree that included the acquisitions of BitArmor and Vericept.  

It’s not been an entirely smooth period for the company. Last month the company upset the Mozilla community by handing over a digital root certificate to a third-party company to use on its own network inside network equipment, something that breaches the terms of Mozilla’s security policies.

Mozilla has since offered all Certificate Authorities using root certificates in this way an amnesty if they hand over their serial numbers for revocation by 27 April.