Trusteer is expanding its secure browsing service beyond financial institutions to general businesses with a new offering that goes beyond protections for consumers accessing their bank accounts. Called Trusteer Secure Browsing, the service provides software that isolates browser interactions with business resources from all other processes running on the computer and searches for malware.

The new service includes a cloud-based management platform that reports when an infection is detected so the IT department can take action to clean it. The platform can also change policies that the local browser agents called Rapport enforce, the company says.

The new service employs an expanded malware library that includes enterprise exploits, not just those focused on financial services, the company says.

Trusteer has integrated its software with Citrix's Access Gateway and VDI virtual desktop so access is denied to any machine that is not isolating the attempted session via Rapport. The software also protects the SSL-VPN access process so malicious software can't grab credentials used to authenticate users, the company says.

Rapport only kicks in when the browser is connected to enterprise applications.  Trusteer Secure Browsing costs $25 per desktop per year and is available now.