Trend Micro has updated its messaging security hardware and software, and introduced an anti-spam service for businesses.

The company's InterScan Messaging Security Suite 7.0, which is available a software gateway and appliance, now features protection against image spam, a technique used by spammers to vary factors such as colour or dimension to create constantly morphing spam that is hard to identity through a signature.

Trend Micro is using its own filtering technique to strip out colour or dimension in order to identify spam as a "core image."

Trend has also added controls to block spam based on an "IP profiler" feature that can identify known spam senders through Trend's Network Reputation Services database and automated thresholds.

The messaging security suite includes anti-spyware and anti-phishing protection. The software version is available for Windows , Linux and Solaris servers and costs roughly US$16 per user for 2,000 users. The appliance starts at about $21,000.
In addition, Trend Micro unveiled a service called InterScan Messaging Hosted Security used for content filtering of both inbound and outbound e-mail. The service scans corporate e-mail directed to the InterScan Messaging Hosted Security site.

A Standard version, which includes inbound e-mail protection, starts at about $9 per user for 2,000 users; the Advanced service costs $13.50 per user for 2,000 users, and includes both inbound and outbound e-mail traffic content filtering.

In other news, Trend Micro says it expects to ship in April an updated version of its content-filtering software, ScanMail for Microsoft Exchange, which will support Exchange Server 2007. It will start at $14.44 per user for 2,000 users.