Trend Micro Monday announced a line of desktop and server security products intended for small to mid-size businesses.

Worry-Free Business Security 5.0 represents a re-branding of Trend's SMB client/server messaging security product line plus upgrades that integrate features such as behaviour-based anti-malware monitoring and an option for in-the-cloud web security services to protect firms from malicious code, says Jon Clay, Trend Micro's product marketing manager.

Trend Micro's standard version of Worry-Free Business Security 5.0 provides email messaging and web security for Microsoft-based PCs and servers, while the advanced version also offers a way for the business to redirect mail to Trend's in-the-cloud, anti-spam service.

In addition, there's an option for using Trend's Web Reputation Services that provide warning to users - with a green for go and red for stop warning - about visiting specific websites.

Also, for the first time Trend Micro has designed its security software to provide a security threat-protection mechanism for a third-party software product on the desktop, in this case Intuit's Quickbooks financial and accounting package used by SMBs.

"We wanted to be able to block a hacker attack against Quickbooks but also to avoid false positives, so we worked with Intuit on this," Clay says.

Worry-Free Business Security 5.0, which ships Monday, costs $32.26 per user for a one-year licence of the standard edition, with the advanced edition costing $59.32 per user.