Trend Micro has updated its Windows desktop-based data-loss prevention software. The company has launched two versions of the product:  one "Standard" for monitoring users and data, the other "Advanced" to add protections for intellectual property and source code.

LeakProof 5.0 is being sold in two editions because two camps of enterprise customers are shaping up that use DLP somewhat differently, says Mark Bloom, global manager at trend Micro for DLP marketing.

The "Standard" edition of Leakproof 5.0, which runs on Windows-based desktops, is intended for use by enterprises whose main interest in data-loss prevention is monitoring sensitive data, such as financial information or personal data. The "Advanced" version includes "Standard" DLP functionality but adds fingerprinting capabilities for matching important documents and parts of them, said Bloom.

"This fingerprinting is for intellectual property and source code," says Bloom, noting industries such as manufacturing and pharmaceutical typically focus on this as a concern more than other industries, such as insurance for example, where the "Standard" edition of Leakproof would likely be more appropriate.

Both editions of LeakProof 5.0 are managed either through the LeakProof Server appliance or in VMware ESX 3.5-based virtual appliance software. LeakProof 5.0, which ships with templates for protecting data according to regulatory compliance, has added more out-of-the box templates, including ones for Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard.