Trend Micro has produced a new email security device for businesses.

The InterScan Messaging Security Appliance sits on a company's gateway to filter out spam, viruses, phishing attacks, and other malware entering the company via email. It includes an updated version of Trend Micro's Network Reputation Services, which rejects connections from IP addresses known to send spam, therefore blocking a large percentage of unwanted messages before they even enter the corporate network, the company said.

It also includes Trend Micro's IntelliTrap technology for zero-day virus protection. On the outbound path, the appliance scans content for regulatory and corporate compliance, to ensure confidential information isn't leaving the company without proper authorisation.

Administrators can manage the new appliance via Trend Micro's Web-based console. The InterScan Messaging Security Appliance is priced starting at $20,180. Trend Micro also sells its InterScan Web Security Appliance for URL filtering and virus and spyware protection.