Trend Micro said it's updated its InterScan Gateway Security Appliance line with filtering, using its in-the-cloud reputation services to identify dangerous web sites and email sources.

The InterScan Gateway Security Appliance line filters URLs and spam, viruses and spyware. Trend Micro is bolstering this defence with its reputation services, which identify malicious websites and sources of spam.

"These reputation services are done in Trend's data centres," said Bill Hansy, Trend Micro's product marketing manager. There, an ongoing analysis of the life cycle of hundreds of millions of Internet domains leads to an assessment of the trustworthiness of the site.

Websites that come and go at a very fast rate, for example, are probably involved in activities associated with botnets or spam, and InterScan users have the option of filtering this content out.

InterScan Gateway Security Appliance, which supports Trend Micro's reputation services, is available in eight models.