The Facebook profile page set up to promote Tony Blair's faith foundation has been hijacked and plastered with abusive attacks on the former British Prime Minister and his wife.

A report in the Daily Telegraph newspaper said that Tony Blair Faith Foundation on Facebook, which is accessed via a link from the charity's official website, is supposed to promote understanding of the world's religions.

However, the Telegraph report said that as of Monday afternoon, it was instead dominated by abusive messages against the Blairs.

One poster wrote: "Tony blair. You are a poor man's Michael Sheen. You are a parody of yourself. You wish you could be as cool MC Gordon Brown."

Presumably, the poster was actually referring to the actor Martin Sheen, who appeared as the fictional Democratic president Jed Bartlet in the acclaimed television drama The West Wing.

Another poster wrote: "Setting up a Mickey Mouse foundation will do nothing to clear your conscience. Your legacy was sealed a long time ago. You can bang your Christian drum for as long as you like."

Another wrote: "Tony Blair was about as good for Britain as the bubonic plague."

As of Tuesday though, the abusive messages were no longer visible on the faith foundation Facebook page, which was instead dominated by positive comments and messages.

Facebook did not respond to questions as to whether its administrators had removed the abusive comments.

This is not the first time Tony Blair has apparently been the victim of cyber attacks. Last year the charity revealed that he had become the unwitting victim of identity fraudsters after emails were sent out advertising non-existent conferences he was said to be addressing.

The scam was based upon getting fans of the former PM to pay registration fees to attend the events, with delegates promised grants and sponsorship if they paid the money up front.