Vasco has launched a new range of authentication tokens which it says are low-maintenance and robust, making them suitable for high volume deployment. Designed to replace passwords, which security specialists recognise are both insecure and expensive to maintain, Vasco said its new Digipass tokens offer major benefits for organisations such as enterprises, universities, financial organisations and the NHS. Applications centre around secure online identification where accurate remote identification is critical, for example in supply chains when dialling in to order expensive items, dealing with very sensitive information, or carrying out financial transactions. Vasco cites Internet banking, supply chain, ecommerce, and secure ordering as examples. Chairman of Vasco's UK distributor Wick Hill Ian Kilpatrick singled out the tyre industry with its combination of high value transactions and high staff turnover, as being particularly suited to the deployment of tokens "since you can always get the token back, unlike a password." Kilpatrick commented that Vasco's tokens are designed to be low maintenance, making them suited to industries such as banking where millions of customers may be supported. "Banks want to deal in financial transactions, not support token problems," he said. Kilpatrick also cited the tokens' robustness, and their low acquisition and maintenance costs. "We've hit them with a mallet, turned them on and they still work. If they get tampered with the tokens freeze as a security measure but, unlike RSA's product, you can unfreeze them by holding them up to a monitor's specially downloaded screen. The batteries last five years. And finally they're very low priced to buy and have no re-licensing costs, unlike the competition." He added that additional information about the transaction such as date and time were included in the authentication transmission, augmenting security. Vasco said the price depends on user numbers but a Digipass GO 1 and Digipass Pro 300 product for 1,000 users costs from £27 per token.