Nearly a third (32 percent) of all laptops stolen in the UK are taken from homes, says Absolute Software. Research by the laptop security software manufacturer revealed that the more laptops are stolen from homes in the UK than in France (22 percent), the US (18 percent) and Germany (17 percent).

As a result, Absolute Software is warning Brits to be careful when leaving their home unattended during their summer holiday.

"This research will surprise some laptop owners, who often think about security issues only when they are on the move. However, with nearly a third of all laptop thefts in Britain occurring at a residential property, owners need to be extra cautious, particularly when leaving for their holidays this summer," said Dave Everitt, general manager at Absolute Software.

Everitt said there are a number of security measures that laptop owners can take, from simply locking their laptop in a secure location to installing software that enables personal files to be remotely deleted, as well as track and even recover the stolen laptop.

"With the amount of sensitive information now being stored on laptops, the risk of subsequent identity theft is high, and personal security should not be compromised," he said.

"No one wants to return from holiday to find they've been victim to theft. Holidaymakers should prepare themselves, so if the worst does happen they have a chance to delete any sensitive data, get their items back and in some cases, catch the thief."