A Trojan has been discovered that not only attempts to wipe hard disks but tells its victims what it is doing in real time, using the Windows text-to-speech interface.

Called BotVoice.A (alias Win32\Hira.A), the malware spreads through a number of means, including FTP and IRC, P2P networks, and on CD-ROMs, USB sticks, or as an email attachment. Although it is rated as rare by security company Panda Software, anyone unlucky enough to encounter and activate it will quickly be made aware of their mistake.

“You have been infected. I repeat. You have been infected and your system files has been deleted. Sorry. Have a Nice Day and bye bye,” is the chilling message it delivers using a similar monotone speech format to that of the famous computerised voice of motor-neurone afflicted physicist Stephen Hawking.

Meanwhile, it sets out to delete all files on drive C, unless they are in use or have some form of file protection set. To protect itself from user intervention during this period, the Trojan blocks the running of files with a number of common extensions – COM, EXE, BAT, HTML – and also disables the Windows Task Manager and Registry Editor. Once it is up and running, there is not a lot the user can do to stop it from executing its nasty deed.

For anyone curious, the ghastly message can be heard here.

Whatever else it is, this is no work of a criminal mastermind. Whoever created it did so for sadistic kicks only as there is no profit-making criminal purpose to the Trojan.