Symantec today said its new cloud-based single sign-on (SSO) service called O3 is available to enterprise customers to test.

The O3 security-as-a-service for identity management is available for corporate customers to trial as part of an "early programme", according to Dave Elliott, Symantec senior product marketing manager responsible for global cloud at Symantec.

The O3 security-as-a-service allows enterprise IT managers to manage and control their end users' access to corporate and third party cloud-based services through Symantec's O3 gateway, the control point where single sign-on for users can be centrally provisioned and de-provisioned. Competing offerings include those from Symplified, Okta and Ping Identity.

Through Symantec's O3 customers can establish SSO controls for Active Directory, Google Docs and, among others. Symantec also expects to integrate encryption and data loss prevention into the O3 security framework, but this isn't occurring in the initial rollout. Pricing for O3 isn't being announced during this early program stage.

The initial O3 service is being provided directly by Symantec. However, Elliott said Symantec is also in discussion with potential partners with an eye toward the O3 technology playing a role for cloud providers.

In other news, Symantec said it's now supporting data loss prevention on the Apple iPad through the Symantec mobile data management application. Support for Android is expected to be ready in early 2012.