Symantec has posted details of a "low risk level" virus affecting Mac OS X.

OSX.Macarenac has been added to the company's daily virus definitions, used by its Norton Anti-Virus software, as is described as "a proof of concept virus that infects files in the current folder on the compromised computer."

OSX.Macarena "infects other files when they are executed in the current directory, regardless of file name or extension."

Writing for The SANS Institute, Section 66 security consultant Swa Frantzen said, "to be honest the virus is no big deal in itself. But it is yet another warning for a lot of parties involved. As we said before, the ability to have viruses and all sorts of other malware is inherently available in all modern operating systems, Mac, Linux, BSD, ... included," Frantzen added.

"It is a warning to get anti-virus protection for those Macs, even if the shopkeeper told you you do not need it, even if there are no viruses in the wild today, even if it's hard to buy it."