Symantec today announced a new range of servers that have built-in security systems to defeat malicious attacks.

Claiming that the Gateway Security 5400 series will save companies both time and money, Symantec feels that the time is right to reopen the comprehensive security-in-a-box idea that was supposed to be the future but never really took off when first touted a few years ago.

Pointing to the increasing number and sophistication of attacks, the greater complexity of company IT infrastructures and limited resources, the company says its servers will protect companies from “blended attacks” of different worms and viruses. It claims it will also reduce the acquisition and installation costs of the myriad security components needed in modern IT systems.

The servers comes in three different options depending on the size of your organisation. The security elements will sit between your network and the Internet and filter all the bad stuff, leaving you with nothing but good, clean data and traffic.

The über-firewall includes intrusion detection and prevention; anti-spam, anti-virus, content filtering, secure VPN, system monitoring, load balancing and a Web-based control system. It is designed for anywhere between 50 nodes up to tens of thousands.

Symantec’s executive VP had this to say: “As the number of blended Internet threats and discovered vulnerabilities continues to rise, customers require cost-effective advanced network security solutions to defend their networks from attack. Symantec Gateway Security provides customers with the comprehensive, integrated protection they need while reducing total cost of ownership by eliminating the need to deploy and manage multiple security products from different vendors.”

The SGS 5400 series comes in three flavours depending on the size of your company and includes one year’s free maintenance and support. The 5420 is for up to 500 users and costs between $4,000 and $28,000 (£2,500 - £17,500) depending on what size servers you want. The 5440 is for up to 2,500 people and costs between $9,000 and $46,000 (£5,600- £28,700). And the 5460 is for up to 4,500 people and costs between $14,000 and $51,000 (£8,700 - £31,800). They should all be available right now through Symantec resellers.