Sunbelt Software has upgraded its email security software for Microsoft Exchange with more up-to-date anti-spam software and more management features.

Sunbelt Messaging Ninja 2.1 includes the latest version of Cloudmark's antispam engine, as well as Sunbelt's own scanning technology.

Combining these two engines means that users get both signature-based and heuristic approaches to blocking unwanted messages, according to company officials. Cloudmark's technology includes the ability to catch image spam, which is on the rise.

The upgrade also includes a module for email sent by Exchange 2000 and 2003 that embeds disclaimers into outbound messages. These disclaimers, usually comprising legal, regulatory or corporate policies on email, can be customised on a per user, group, domain or public folder basis.

Users can bypass the disclaimer on a per-message basis, and the software ensures that multiple disclaimers are avoided in messages that are forwarded or responded to.

The company has also improved Messaging Ninja's management console with this release, adding database management tools to purge old records and compress Microsoft Access databases.

Sunbelt Messaging Ninja starts at $184.95 for five mailboxes.