Security software specialist Steganos has launched a new service to allow mobile workers, including individuals, to take advantage of VPN security while on the move.

Hosted from Steganos’s own servers, the Internet Anonym VPN service will bring a technology normally associated with large companies into reach for SMEs using Windows.

As well as raising security levels for people using insecure locations such as Wi-Fi hotspots, the company hopes the anonymity offered by VPN encryption will also be a draw.

Although mobile workers are a target group for the service, the service might suit anyone looking for greater privacy and security when connecting to the Internet.

Once a connection has been established with the Steganos VPN server using SSL encryption, details such as IP address and all data exchanged is known only to that server.

Subscribers pay a yearly fee based on bandwidth consumed each month. The basic package, Internet Anonym VPN 300, allows 25 gigabytes of downloads per month, and costs £54.95 ($99) including VAT, while 85 gigabytes per month costs £139.95 (approx $250).

“Although all VPN traffic runs through the Steganos servers, these servers do not record which sites are visited, or for how long, or what data is sent. The only thing stored is the amount of data sent and received, since that is necessary to ascertain how much monthly quota has been used up,” a Steganos press release said.

Once installed, the user simply fires a web browser as normal. A counter records the volume of data downloaded against the monthly total, an amount the company claims cannot be inadvertently exceeded.

Steganos is not the first to launch such VPN services for the mass market, but most of these are still hosted by ISPs or smaller software companies. They also tend to be relatively expensive and can be time-consuming to set up.

The necessary client software can be downloaded from the Steganos website.