The New York Times reports that Spanish police have apprehended three men suspected of involvement in the recent PSN hack. The three men are reportedly the local "leadership" of notorious "hacktivist" group Anonymous.

One of the detainees reportedly was in possession of a computer system which had not only been used to hack Sony's sites, but also two Spanish banks and the Italian energy company Enel as well as government sites in Spain, Egypt, Algeria, Libya, Iran, Chile, Colombia and New Zealand.

The detention of the men is the result of a police investigation that has been running since last October, when the Spanish Ministry of Culture's website was attacked in protest against the introduction of harsher penalties for piracy and illegal downloads. The men's involvement in the Sony hack was not immediately clear, but after combing through two million lines of chat logs and websites used by the group, the authorities believed there was enough evidence to charge the suspects.

The suspects are expected to be charged with forming an illegal association to attack public and corporate websites. This could potentially land them with up to three years in prison.