US company TrustELI has updated its managed security appliance to include easy VPNs, and the ability to add new network technologies in a PC card slot.

The Eli appliance is mainly aimed at allowing service providers (read review), to offer a low-cost, all-in-one managed security device, covering firewall, anti-virus, anti-spam, URL filtering, phishing protection, spyware and malware. It costs £149, with a £10 monthly fee for the security service - and there's a lower cost consumer version.

The renamed "Eli Everywhere" box includes the free VPN it promised last year, which it says takes "five clicks" to set up a site-to-site IPsec VPN between multiple Eli boxes. More importantly, it supports multiple new networking technologies, through a PCMCIA card slot, that can include cellular, WiMax and WiFi uplinks (there's already WiFi inside the box). Changing the card for a different one is easier in a managed box than an unmanaged one, said Robert Smith, chief technology officer, because software can be downloaded automatically, as soon as the box detects what card is installed.

"Eli gets about 45 updates a day," said Smith. "Unlike most IPS systems, which have around ten detection points, we have a global defence shield. If one Eli detects a hacking incident, the details are sent to the central server, and downloaded to tens of thousands of units round the world."

The unit uses threat data from enterprise vendor Bluecoat, selling it at a lower price for small business and consumers: "We are the only vendor outside Bluecoat with that list," said Smith.

Once this is delivered, in the third quarter of this year, what's next? "We could add a hard drive and make a media server," said Smith. The company is also looking at adding VoIP ports.