Database security provider Sentrigo has announced a product to offer users protection against database breaches.

Hedgehog vPatch, a "virtual patching software" will secure information such as payment cards, college alumni records, and other private data against theft and manipulation without forcing databases to stop operating.

While some database security companies like Tizor, Guardium, and Imperva sell a combination of hardware and software, Sentrigo markets a software agent that loads onto a database server and needs only an Internet Protocol address to configure it, said Paul Vettoretti, Sentrigo's CEO.

The database activity monitoring market is expected to grow to $1 billion by 2009, according to the Gartner Group.

As databases operate, logs are generated to monitor all activity. Hedgehog vPatch issues alerts based on rules predetermined by customers so IT departments don't have to scroll through massive numbers of commonplace activities to find the few out of the ordinary ones they want to investigate as possible security breaches, Vettoretti said.

When Sentrigo identifies vulnerabilities, it typically patches them within days and automatically sends updates to customers, who can deploy them in minutes without taking databases offline, Vettoretti said. The product supports Oracle and Microsoft databases.

Sentrigo developed Hedgehog vPatch based on database-monitoring rules created by the company's "Red Team" of security researchers and advisors including Oracle database experts Pete Finnigan and Alexander Kornbrust.

The company also announced today it has joined the ArcSight EnterpriseView Partner marketing programme.