Secure Computing's latest Webwasher gateway appliance has upgrades designed to protect users from a new wave of “Web 2.0”-related security threats.

The new device features the company's SecureCache technology, which caches web objects as well as the results of the most recent virus scan for each object. This means Webwasher only has to scan an object the first time it is requested, resulting in better performance, according to company officials.

In addition to scanning for viruses, Webwasher checks each object against its TrustedSource reputation database before delivering it to the user from the cache.

TrustedSource is able to identify and assign reputations to new domains and URLs that don't yet contain content based on server location, the behaviour of related servers, and other non-content factors. Secure Computing says this new feature in TrustedSource helps enterprises protect their networks based on a site's reputation before an exploit is launched.

Other new features for Webwasher include Anti-Malware for Web 2.0, the company's intent analysis technology that works to find new spyware, zero-day blended threats and targeted attacks.

It also features new administration tools to meet audit and compliance requirements; SafeWord two-factor authentication for access to the appliance's administration features; and an upgraded SSL Scanner that blocks access to the corporate network from malicious content hidden in SSL-encyrpted traffic, officials said.

The new version of Webwasher, available today, is priced starting at $3,995.