Secure Computing is buying rival CyberGuard for $295 million.

Secure Computing expects to see revenue jump from $110 million per year to $200 million, said Mike Gallagher, senior vice president of product development. The company has warned of product changes and lay-offs.

"There is overlap in some assets," said Gallagher, pointing out that Secure Computing's G2 Sidewinder firewall competes directly with CyberGuard's Total Stream Protection line of firewalls.

However, CyberGuard's lower-end SG line of firewall/VPN products is an area where Secure Computing doesn't compete at all at present.

In the area of Web filtering, Secure Computing has products that do outbound Web filtering only, while CyberGuard's WebWasher is a standalone Web filter that also supports anti-virus and anti-spam filtering, said Gallagher. CyberGuard is said to have 21 million licensed seats for its Web-filtering product.

"We're going to offer all these products in the near term but there are redundant capabilities here," he noted. "There are going to be branding changes and new products will almost certainly come out of it. But there's no roadmap yet."

Pat Clawson, chairman and CEO of CyberGuard, said he was supportive of the merger, saying it "brings together two successful leaders in IT security technology".