Secure Computing has announced a new version of its IronMail messaging security appliance that works with Workshare's compliance technology.

Called Workshare Network Protect for IronMail and available now, the appliance is designed to keep sensitive information - such as intellectual property, human resources and financial data, and customer information - from leaving the corporate network without authorisation, according to company officials.

The new appliance combines Secure Computing's IronMail appliance, a security device that sits at an organisation's gateway to scan inbound messages for spam, viruses, and other malware and outbound messages for compliance, with Workshare's Protect Enterprise Suite, network-level outbound content security software.

Combining these two products offers organisations outbound content leak prevention from the endpoint to the messaging gateway, officials say.

Using content filtering techniques such as fingerprinting, lexical analysis, and clustering, the new appliance protects against the unauthorised distribution of information in more than 370 file formats.

The appliance identifies sensitive information included in the body of an e-mail message or in an attachment, and also considers the sender and recipient when alerting of potential information leaks, they say. That consideration is based on a set of integrated policies that help manage risk.

Workshare Network Protect for IronMail can be managed centrally via Secure Computing's messaging gateway that enforces steps such as block or encrypt an e-mail.

The new appliance is available from Secure Computing and its channel partners, and is priced starting at $50,000 for 1,000 users. Secure Computing will also resell Workshare's Protect Client, which starts at $30 per use per year.