UK outfit Secerno has refashioned its innovative Secerno.SQL database monitoring system to run under VMware, the first system of its design to run in a virtualised environment.

Customers using the product – most likely at the data centre level – will now be able to implement the software as a virtualised appliance, managing protection for multiple databases from a single point.

The current ‘standalone’ product, designed to protect one or more databases running on conventional servers, remains in place, but the new version will become the blue chip version for high-end users. In every other way, the security and monitoring features remain the same between the two versions.

Secerno.SQL can now be run on VMware’s ESX Server, ESXi Server and the VMware Server platforms.

Security products for virtual environments are one of security’s new trends, reflecting the rapid rise of the technology as a whole. Secerno.SQL, however, is unusual in that it defines database security by analysing ‘normal’ query types for accessing a particular data set.

Queries that fall outside this profile can be flagged as suspect based on past access. This avoids the trap of having to secure database access using a single and possibly inflexible set of rules on ‘normal’ or ‘abnormal’ activity, parameters which vary from database to database, app to app.

“We are seeing a very clear demand from companies who are leading the way in deploying a virtualised strategy. Other customers are also seriously looking at virtualisation, and over time, we expect the majority of our shipments to be based on the virtualised platform,” explained founder and CTO, Steve Moyle.

“With Secerno.SQL, customers can instantly activate protection for a large number of databases much quicker and manage them from a central point. Enterprises can set a policy quickly and use the same baselines for many databases,” he said.

In early July, Secerno announced a beefy $16 million (approx £8 million) cash injection from UK-based VC, Amadeus Capital Partners, and the move into virtual environments was clearly a persuasive element in achieving that funding boost.

Secerno.SQL for VMware is due to appear this quarter, with pricing and licensing to follow.