The SCO Group's website has been hacked and its main banner replaced with a rather stylish effort that reads "We own all your code - Pay us all your money".

The reference is, of course, down to SCO's ongoing crusade to be recognised as owning copyright to a part of Linux - something that will, of course, cause companies to have to pay SCO lots of money. Unsurprisingly, the decision to attempt to impose copyright on an operating system whose entire ethos is that the source code is freely usable has not proved popular. Particularly with IBM and Novell, both of whom are locked into vicious legal battles with SCO.

Hence the hack - which is a far more subtle display that the usual "0wn3d" blank page. In this case, the banner has copied SCO's colour scheme and font and only made it clear that it's a hack by running a faded pic of a woman writing on a wall in the background.

The only problem is that the main writing has made the name of the hacker illegible - "hacked by reallocl". Or reattocl? Or even jeallocl? Who knows?

Anyway, it will prove another embarrassment for SCO which is looking increasingly isolated in its crusade. And since it is quite subtle and it has been Thanksgiving weekend in the States, it may well stay up there for a while. Go see at We wonder whether CEO Darl McBride will have another fire-and-brimestone comment to make on it.

Here is a screengrab for future reference.

SCO site hack screengrab