Lawyers in the trial of the Sasser computer worm author will make their closing arguments later today in Verden, Germany. The court is expected to deliver its verdict on Friday.

"The state prosecutor and the defence lawyer will plead their cases later this afternoon," a Verden District Court spokeswoman said. They will also discuss sentencing for the 19-year old German teenager, Sven Jaschan, with details expected later in the day, she said.

The court had initially scheduled Thursday as the final day of the trial but decided to take more time to issue its verdict, Kr├╝tzfeldt said.

Jaschan confessed at the start of his trial earlier this week that he had created last year's Sasser computer worm, which crashed hundreds of thousands of computers worldwide.

He was arrested in May 2004 at the family's home in Waffensen, Germany, after Microsoft received a tip from an informant seeking a reward from the software company.

Sasser, a self-executing piece of software code, exploited a hole in a component of Windows called the Local Security Authority Subsystem Service, or LSASS. The worm scanned the Internet searching for vulnerable computers.