Samsung’s Knox mobile security platform has bolstered its status as the emerging standard in mobile enterprise device security by inking a deal with Zscaler to integrate its technology with the software.

Announced at last year’s Mobile World Congress, Knox sets out to solve the problem of securing Samsung smartphones and tablet devices used for both work and personal use by firewalling the two in separate containers at hardware and software level.

Because Samsung devices dominate market for enterprise Android, the incentive to integrate with the platform is obvious. With announcements from a growing band of vendors, including CA Technologies and Lookout Mobile Security, Knox is starting to gain traction. Its drawback - if it can be callled that - is that it is only available for Samsung's Android products.

Zscaler is an important catch because it allows the firm’s security cloud services to be used to filter, protect and control Samsung devices regardless of where they are in the world according to defined security policies.

This type of security setup will appeal to those enterprises looking to secure mobile devices without having to load an agent with its own management interface on each one.

“We are excited to partner with Samsung on our shared vision of Enterprise-Ready Mobile Security”, said, founder and CEO, Zscaler.

“The deep integration between Samsung KNOX and the Zscaler security cloud enables users to have the same policy and protection on a mobile device and a PC,” said Zcaler’s founder and CEO, Jay Chaudhry.

“The collaboration, which is the result of ten months of joint development, will help accelerate the adoption of mobile devices in the Enterprise. The joint solution will be a game changer in the Industry.”

Perhaps not a game changer but the tie-up is an example of the way cloud and mobile are converging through security.

Separately, ARM partnership Trustonic has announced a collaboration that will add new features to the Cambridge firm’s Trusted Execution Environment architecture for ARM chips. This should make it easier for app developers on Knox to access integrated security.

Trustonic’s TrustZone technology is the foundation layer of Knox, so new features make life easier for developers.

“With these new advanced capabilities, we are strengthening the KNOX eco-system to develop new and innovative apps built on a more secure platform and exploring market opportunities in all segments on existing and future devices,” said Samsung’s Knox senior vice president,  Injong Rhee.

The TrustZone technology has been in the news recently after Israeli researchers claimed to have found a flaw that raised questions over Knox’s containerisation security. Samsung said it believed that the flaw was a more general man-in-the-middle attack on Android, not Knox itself.