Void Communications has announced VaporStream, a software product it claims will not record details of who sent an email message, or who received it, and so provide a new level of privacy for electronic communications.

The software means content can remain private and neither sender nor receiver will be exposed to legal risk from the communication, the company said. It is also a means of defeating the cover-all aspects of compliance regulations and legal discovery investigations by ensuring private communications remain private.

Joe Collins, CEO and co-founder of Void Communications, said: "E-mail and IM have become the backbone of electronic communications, but these powerful systems have one major flaw - no one message is ever truly secure or confidential.

"For this reason, sensitive corporate and personal information can mistakenly, or purposely, be sent to and viewed by the wrong parties. VaporStream eliminates privacy and confidentiality concerns by ensuring that messages never create a record and a user's personal thoughts are only shared with the intended recipient."

Utilizing a user's existing e-mail address, VaporStream's patent-pending technology automatically separates a sender's and receiver's names and the date from the body of the message, never allowing them to be seen together. VaporStream messages cannot be printed, cut and pasted, forwarded or saved, helping promote open and collaborative communications. Once read, VaporStream stream messages are gone forever.

Void believes its product could be used when discussing intellectual property, during contract negotiations, or for sensitive human resource issues. There would be no electronic records of such discussions. But the company is at pains to point out that "business records" should be recorded. Quite what the definition of what is a business record is up to the sender of a VaporStream message however.

The product has being extended to work on a Blackberry and Windows Mobile devices. VaporStream is available now and pricing begins at $39.99 per year for a single user. Mobile devices can be added to subscriptions for only $5.00 per user.