Reconnex has upgraded its data-leak prevention software and appliance to help users protect their intellectual property.

Reconnex's iGuard 7.0 includes the company's Content Analytics Engine that evaluates data stored in the iGuard Capture database and sets policies on who should have access to it, said Faizel Lakhani, vice president of marketing.

While data-leak protection products have long been able to recognise sensitive personal data such as credit card and Social Security numbers, because they adhere to a standard format, intellectual property is much more difficult to find, Lakhani said.

"With tradition data-loss prevention, you tell it what to look for and it finds it. What we're doing with 7.0 is creating a set of applications that allow organisations to answer questions like 'What information is sensitive?' and 'Who should be able to access that information,?" he said. For data access, the software helps determine who inside the company and which third-parties should be allowed to view sensitive data, he said.

Version 7.0 has new features including search, which helps administrators understand the actions that led up to a policy violation; rule tuning, so that administrators can test rules on previously captured data to make sure they are effective before deployment; data mining, to recognise patterns and anomalies in data access and usage; and a policy builder to help organisations understand relationships among data to set better policies, he said.

The new tools in Version 7.0 also help organisations correlate current events with past ones, detect risk trends and identify threats beyond those already defined by the organisation, Lakhani said. It also includes a revamped interface that gives different departments in a company, such as legal or human resources, tools to build their own policies.

Reconnex iGuard 7.0 starts at $35,000.