The superb Raspberry Pi 2 might be the one people are lining up to buy but developers will doubtless still welcome the news that the older B+ board has been given a price trim from around £21 ($30) to £16 ($25).

In a blog announcing the cut, Raspberry Pi CEO Eben Upton suggested that the price drop was thanks to ‘production optimisations’ resulting from the development of the Raspberry Pi 2, undoubtedly true.


Of course, economics 101 says that older boards also drop in price when new ones appear to maintain demand.

“The Raspberry Pi product line now stretches from the Model A+ at $20, via the Model B+ at $25, to the top-of-the-range Raspberry Pi 2 at $35,” wrote Upton, explaining the Foundation’s suddenly more involved product line-up.

The Raspberry Pi Model B+ first appeared in July 2014 as a physically smaller but improved version of the original Raspberry Pi board. The default board remains the Raspberry Pi 2, which represents a big step up in performance for the platform and has been well received by the market.

With other low-cost developer and project boards now crowding the space such as the impressive if slightly different MIPS Creator CI20 the Raspberry Pi needs to keep moving to compete. There is also the $9 Chip Linux board funded recently on Kickstarter although this remains unproven as a serious rival to the British design

What nobody else has yet managed to do is pack so much potential into a board costing under $30 – the Raspberry Pi remains the leading platform.