Security company Q1 Labs has launched the latest version of its security information and event management (SIEM) product QRadar. The company said that it had beefed up the way that the company handled social media to take into account the way that employees were using sites like Facebook and Twitter.

According to John Burnham, Q1's vice president of corporate marketing, QRadar 7.0 has been designed to be more granular so that companies can keep tabs on what information is being sent outside of their perimeters but without implementing blanket bans. "For example," he said, "you could permit marketing to have access to social media sites but have a complete lockdown for finance who have no business using social networking sites."

But he pointed out that it wasn't just about social media, QRadar would monitor for any unusual activity, "A leading fashion company noticed that one of its employees was sending out a lot of messages to a Hotmail account. On checking, it was revealed that he sending out designs."

Burnham said that now that competitor Arcsight had been acquired by HP, Q1 Labs was the leading vendor in the SIEM space. "We're in a very comfortable position now," he said.