Priva Technologies believes it has developed the ultimate in user authentication. Priva's four factor authentication is, according to the company, making its debut this summer among several business, financial services and government organisations in the US. Most enterprise authentication methodologies deemed strong enough while remaining cost-effective and easy to use employ only two factors, such as a combination of smartcard and password. Priva's security platform, called Cleared, uses a hardware token which includes a fingerprint reader as well as a chip that, according to Priva, is both non-replicable and which authenticates the user as the registered owner of the token. Priva says an optional PIN identifier provides a third factor of identity verification and, for online usage, the chip conducts several challenge/response procedures between it and a secure, host-based authentication server to further prove the user is who he or she claims to be. Marketing manager John Grimaldi commented, "we believe that the entitlement card scheme that is being proposed in Great Britain has not only social implications, but might make it even easier for ID thieves because of its reliance on "old technologies" that have proven faulty in that they do little to protect data, they impose on the privacy rights of individuals principally because they rely on database storage of information. In addition, they do not allow the individual to take control of his or her own data safety." Grimaldi added: "We believe that our technology squarely addresses these issues because it is new and was designed from the ground up to do two things, and do them well: provide security and allow for private, positive identification of individuals seeking electronic access, online and offline." Priva added that its technology was particularly apt in a European context because of the EU's data privacy directives and what Grimaldi called the European focus, in general, on electronic protection of personal data and the citizenry's rights to privacy. Priva CEO Jeff Minushkin said Priva would be making announcements of new Cleared users over the next several weeks and, in September, would be unveiling a developers’ tool kit "designed to enable CIOs and CTOs in commercial and government organisations to initiate their own deployments inside and outside their enterprises using the Cleared platform." Customer Legacy Electronics is, according to Priva, using the platform to protect its accounting system, and Legacy CEO Jason Engle said Cleared, "will help us to address the most important barriers to the implementation of security in the workplace: cost, complexity and usability. Priva has demonstrated that its approach is cost effective, virtually eliminates integration and management issues and is as easy to use as an ATM card."