Portwise has brought out an integrated security productfor mobile users. The Swedish company claimed the latest version of Portwise VPN offers more than its competitors.

According to marketing head Jonathan Martin, the product is the first that integrates a complete range of security functions within one product. “We’re using different technologies to plug different security holes. Our competitors offer different products for different functions, we offer them all in one platform”.

Like many VPN products, PortWise 4.0 provides access through an encrypted tunnel running between a remote user’s device and an application.

The product handles six fundamental attributes: assessment, authentication, authorisation, access, audit and abolition. The last-named means that all traces of the connection are wiped, particularly important if the remote user has logged on from somewhere insecure.

Martin claimed that the product’s double level of authentication offered a particularly high degree of security. "There’s a market need for a second level of authentication, password access isn’t enough on its own. We don’t use biometric access as there’s a significant investment in hardware need to do that, but we do authenticate users by providing a password through their mobile devices". Martin said that company was looking to take authentication one stage further by using geo-location software to determine that users are where they say they are.

The product also allows users need to be granted access only to the applications that are relevant to them. By using a policy-based authorisation (which could include factors such as geographic location and type of device), users are prevented from accessing those applications that they are not authorised to handle.

The product costs £30 per named user (but not per device, each user could have multiple devices) and Martin claimed the product was fully scalable. "Our largest customer uses it with 125,000 users across the organisation," he said.