Another alleged teenage member of the ‘TeaMp0isoN’ hacking group accused of carrying out a jamming attack on Scotland Yard’s counter-terrorism hotline last month has been arrested by police.

Identified as using the online name ‘MLT’, the unnamed 17 year-old from Newcastle was arrested by local police on 9 May on suspicion of offences under the Computer Misuse Act.

Last month, two other alleged members of the same group aged 17 and 16 were arrested in connection with the same offence during which the phone number was bombarded with automated Skype calls over a 24-hour period.

Part of that incident was a claimed recording of a phone conversation between counter-terror officials, later posted on public websites.

The group has also been connected to numerous DDoS attacks under the broad Anonymous umbrella and to data theft and network intrusions. They also claimed responsibility for an attack on BlackBerry’s blog website last August.

The arrested teen was described by Scotland Yard as being the “spokesperson” for the TeamPoison group.

"He has been taken to a local police station for interview. Computer equipment has been seized and is undergoing a detailed forensic examination," the statement read.