PC Tools has announced a range of products as part of its 2010 security portfolio. The company has launched three products: Internet Security , Spyware Doctor with Antivirus and Spyware Doctor using a multiple layer approach to threat detection.

All the products offer a range of features: Internet Security offers the most complete range including antispam filtering and Browser defender, which provides website rankings within search results. The full set of features includes: BehaviourGuard, SiteGuard, CookieGuard, EmailGuard, BrowserGuard and NetworkGuard.

The company's vice president of product strategy, Michael Greene highlighted the company's behavioural technology as helping the company to stand out from its competition. He said that PC Tools' BehaviourGuard -previously known as Threatfire - offered a different approach, claiming that the way the company dealt with malware was unique. "It doesn't use digital fingerprints. We analyse behaviour in the context of what's happening on your computer and will only stop the process if we think that it's going to do something nasty." He said that the company's approach meant that it was better able to deal with threats that hadn't been seen before. "There's a new threat variant being created every two or three minutes," he said.

Greene said that one of the key elements of the portfolio was the ability to choose which of the features to use, for example, a user might opt to disable the EmailGuard option preferring to use an existing email filter. But Greene said that choice went further than that and tech-savvy users would be able to use different setting from less experienced users.

Another key feature, said Greene, was the ability to switch to power saving mode, which minimises the impact on batteries when using a laptop. He said that users would also benefit from idle mode, which means that the computer will run PC-consuming tasks such as scans and updates when users aren't using their PCs. "I worked in an office where everything ground to halt on Friday afternoon as that was update time," said Greene "This feature will be very useful for PC users who want to use their machines more effectively." The products are also Windows 7 compatible.

The products are priced at £29.99 for Spyware Doctor, £39.99 for Spyware Doctor with antivirus and £49.99 for Internet Security.