Oracle has bought ID management company Oblix for an undisclosed sum. Oblix's security products will be pulled into its infrastructure software, Oracle said.

Oblix's products include CoreID for identity management, identity federation server software ShareID, and CoreSV for managing web services. Oracle said it will continue to sell Oblix's products as stand-alone software, while it also integrates Oblix's features into its own technology.

Oblix has about 100 employees, and most will be kept on at Oracle, the company said, with a gradual transferral to Oracle's headquarters.

After years of spurning acquisitions, Oracle has been on a shopping spree lately. In December it spent US$10.3 billion to buy rival applications developer PeopleSoft, and last week it signed a deal to buy retail applications maker Retek for $630 million.

Oracle CEO Larry Ellison said it has no plans for any more major acquisitions - this quarter.