The OECD is pitching in on the fight against spam with the creation of a new taskforce that will "marshal the efforts of government, business and civil society in the most comprehensive, strategic and inclusive response to date", the organisation has promised.

"Spam undermines user trust online, reduces productivity, spreads computer viruses and increases costs for all parties, and close international co-operation is essential in order to combat it," roared a press release. And the OECD will begin straight away with a meeting in Asia next month that will discuss what the taskforce's priorities are to be.

Its stated aim will be to encourage best practices in industry, promote technical measures to combat spam and facilitate cross-border law enforcement. It will also coordinate international policy, bringing together the many different national bodies that have competencies in this field.

The taskforce will take two years to study and develop a tool kit of strategies to combat spam, including authentication and network management technologies as well as public awareness campaigns. The group will also consider how to manage spam sent via mobile phones or instant messaging networks.

A recent survey by CipherTrust found that almost 29 percent of the IP addresses sending spam to a sample of 1,000 US businesses in May, June and July were in South Korea. While they only accounted for three percent of the total volume of spam messages, the fact that the OECD meeting will take place in the country is clearly a strong indication of how seriously it is taking the problem.

Of course, 86 percent of the spam messages identified in the survey originated from addresses in the US, but we'll ignore that unpleasant fact for the moment.

The task force announcement also comes on the same day that two of the world's biggest ISPs - Yahoo and AOL - announced that they were introducing anti-spam technologies ahead of their official recognition or adoption because they are impatient with the size of the problem.

OECD's anti-spam efforts can be found at here.