Novell has some new security software that will protect small and mid-sized businesses from hackers, viruses, worms, spam and intrusions.

The Novell Security Manager, to be formally announced later this week, consists of software installed on an industry standard server. Novell Security Manager, based on Linux, has a Web management interface and a reporting tool. Novell has got the software from Astaro.

Novell Security Manager includes six security applications - firewall, VPN gateway, intrusion protection, virus protection, spam protection blocks and content filtering.

The combination will allow an IT administrator to control the flow of traffic into a company and block attacks on the network. The VPN capability provides secure network access to remote users. With spam protection blocks, the IT administrator can select rules, patterns and thresholds to quarantine or report suspected spam.

The software sits at the edge of the network and can protect Windows, NetWare, Linux and Unix networks. Novell and Astaro are working on future releases of the Novell Security manager to include Novell’s BorderManager functionality.

Novell Security Manager is available now starting at $315 for a single server and ten-device licence.