Novell has released an updated version of its security event management software. The company said that the new version of Sentinel would enhance users' compliance and identity management efforts.

Sentinel Version 5.1.3, based on technology acquired with e-Security in April, provides security event management (SEM) capabilities to enterprise firms.

The software is designed to automate the collection of event log data from security devices and analyse it through a common management console. The integration will help customers manage security, identity and compliance with one infrastructure, Novell said.

"Novell already provides IT managers with a user-centric view with its identity management products. Sentinel provides an asset-centric view. Now Novell can provide a single view across people, systems and processes, tying them together in a unified way," said Richard Whitehead, director of systems security and identity products at Novell.

SEM, also referred to as SIM (security information management), products use data aggregation and event correlation features similar to those of network-management software, and apply them to event logs generated from security devices such as firewalls, proxy servers and intrusion-detection systems.

The products also normalise data, meaning they can translate Cisco and Check Point Software alerts, for example, into a common format so the data can be correlated.

Like network management software, SEM products - such as Sentinel - typically consist of server software, distributed software agents or collectors installed on servers or network and security devices, and a central management console.