Nokia has signed up to include Symantec's Mobile Security software on its Series 60 and Symbian phones.

Nokia's Enterprise Solutions business group has been working with Symantec on security, but the new agreement means Mobile Security will be pre-installed on Series 60 smart phones.

Mobile Security provide anti-virus protection by closing vulnerable ports. The software's AutoProtect feature runs a continuing scan that looks for malicious code, and also acts as a firewall. The software can be updated over the wireless network.

"Mobile devices are changing the way consumers and businesses live and work," said Symantec VPof mobile solutions, Sarah Hicks. "As more and more data, including financial and personal details, are being stored on mobile devices, they are increasingly at risk to malware threats. This agreement with Symantec allows Nokia to provide key security features to the Series 60 Platform and Series 60 based smartphones."

Mobile Security is already included on Nokia's N70 phone. The company will decide on a "product by product basis" whether Mobile Security will be included on other phone models, depending their capabilities and need for security, a spokeswoman said.