Google is adding security for remote workers to its Google Apps set of office tools. Google Web Security for Enterprise, the result of last year's purchase of Postini, includes real-time malware protection and URL filtering with policy enforcement and reporting.

"An additional feature extends the same protections to users working remotely on laptops in hotels, cafes, and even guest networks," Google stated.

Google also took advantage of the Postini buy last October when it gave users access to new email security and compliance features at no extra charge. "Google Web Security allows companies to secure their networks from Web-based malware, enforce Internet use policies at the user, workgroup or company level, and receive comprehensive reporting on all web activities," said the company.

Like the hosted Google Apps software, the security features are delivered over the web as a service, so the optional security features for remote workers can be accessed without employees having to sign on to their company's network. In addition to enforcing policies, administrators can audit and review web activity reports on individual users, departments or the whole company.

Google released the enterprise version of Google Apps more than a year ago to compete against the ubiquitous Microsoft Office suite of work tools. Google Apps includes email, shared calendaring, instant messaging, VoIP, web page creation and online document hosting and collaboration.