NetScout is buying anomaly detection vendor Quantiva for $9 million.

NetScout, best known for its nGenius WAN probes and performance management software, will incorporate Quantiva's real-time performance metrics and anomaly detection software into its products in the next year or so. With just six staffers at Quantiva - five of them engineers - NetScout says it will absorb the team to integrate the products. NetScout expects to release new, integrated products in the second half of 2006.

Anil Singhal, president and CEO of NetScout, said the deal will provide customers with more automated technologies. "NetScout collects a lot of data, but currently users have to set their own performance thresholds," Singhal said. "With Quantiva, we will be delivering much more intelligent alarms, and the software will set the thresholds for customers automatically."

Quantiva says its product, Quantiva Analysis System (QAS), can save diagnostic time, and reduce slow time and downtime. QAS can identify from where transaction errors originate by monitoring a customer's internal network, the supporting carrier networks and the end-user desktop initiating the transaction. The company says it is able to deliver a "real traffic flow model". The conclusions drawn by QAS describe problems and identify locations of the offending servers or devices.

NetScout, which competes with the likes of Concord and HP's OpenView management software, says the added technology will enable its products to detect problems more quickly than competitive offerings.