NetIQ has announced a new virtual appliance that enables ‘bring your own identity’ website access via not only Facebook, Google and Twitter but any SAML2 or OpenID Connect compatible source.

For many organisations, SocialAccess 1.0 will simply be a convenient way of letting employees and customers log into e-commerce, Intranet or governmental sites without having to ask them to create unique identities that then become expensive to manage.

That means no password reset overheads, no security risk from an expanding database of users, and no maintenance as people come and go.

But while the ability to enable access using identities managed by the individual using established identities should be a no-brainer to most firms, the software also allows authentication to be extended to any identity provider that supports SAML2, NetIQ said.  

This could be a club, user group or community system, and was enabled using the SocialAccess Toolkit.

“Consumers are demanding convenient access to more services from more endpoints than ever and organisations need to be able to seize the opportunities that social identity, mobile computing, cloud and other trends naturally create,” said NetIQ director, Geoff Webb.

“Savvy, forward-thinking organisations are doing just that with SocialAccess, which complements existing access management strategies and improves business enablement in a way that traditional approaches cannot match.”

The company also announced CloudAccess 1.1, a single sign-on appliance designed to streamline access to cloud applications.

‘Connnectors’ automatically provision access to Google Apps, Salesforce and Office365 and 200 other SAML-enabled applications, the firm said.