NEC has developed technology that can help prevent spam phone calls to VoIP users, although commercial use is still a long way off.

The technology discovers whether a caller is a human or a machine by testing the machine's capability to perform human-like conversation. Once the technology determines that a machine has made the call, it blocks the connection, preventing the user's phone from ringing.

NEC has developed the technology so that new modules can quickly be added to the system to respond to new and different kinds of VoIP spam. In addition, the product could be customised to work with different types of hardware, such as SIP servers, home network equipment and session border controls.

NEC tested the technology during a simulated VoIP spam attack, using well-known botnets to create the attack. The technology detected nearly all of the VoIP spam in the test, claimed NEC. A botnet is a collection of computers that have been infected by malicious code and can be remotely commanded to execute malicious activities.

NEC did not say when a commercial product might become available.

Original story by IDG news service