What is the biggest security problem facing IT managers? It's not threats from hackers and it's not Russian virus writers. The real threat is from an enterprise’s own staff, who can inadvertently reveal company secrets.

And as one of the most renowned hackers of the past 20 years, Kevin Mitnick, will be setting out his thoughts on "social engineering" and corporate security at the IDC European IT Forum.

Mitnick who is now a consultant on security matters and the author of a book on social engineering, is one of the many star speakers at the conference, which examines some of the key issues facing the IT industry.

Delegates will also be able to hear Nicholas Carr expand on his thesis that IT is now such a commodity that IT no longer matters. He will take the opportunity to offer practical advice on how companies can capitalise on this new situation to reduce the high costs of introducing IT systems.

These are just two of the speakers at the conference, which will be held at Paris on 27 to 28 September. Among the other speakers will be Novell CTO Alan Nugent, talking about the pervasive nature of Linux and RSA’s CTO, Joe Uniejewski, talking about cybercrime.

More details on the conference and the ability to register can be found on the IDC Events website here.

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