Two Microsoft patches released for holes in Internet Explorer are causing some websites not to load properly.

The bulletins, MS05-038 and MS05-052, removed "unsafe functionality" and change how the browser handles ActiveX controls for security reasons, Stephen Toulouse, a program manager in Microsoft's security unit, wrote on Thursday on the Microsoft Security Center Response Blog.

After installing MS05-038, first published 9 August, Web pages containing COM objects called monikers may not work as expected.

MS05-052, published 11 October, added an additional check for a specific interface for ActiveX controls before allowing a COM object to run in Internet Explorer. But it also blocks some Web pages containing ActiveX controls, Microsoft said. Users who are missing certain registry sub-keys may also experience problems with this patch, Microsoft said.

Microsoft has published instructions on how to resolve the MS05-038. Instructions for the two possible problems with MS05-052 can be found here and here.