While attention is focused on Microsoft's efforts to close the latest security hole in Windows, the company's other mighty efforts in continuous product improvement continue.

Many users who go to Windows Update for the Critical Security Update KB828028, which fixes today's hole, will be offered another Critical Update -- KB833407, which removes swastikas from Microsoft Office 2003.

"The Bookshelf Symbol 7 font... has been found to contain unacceptable symbols," says Windows Update coyly, unwilling to even mention the word "swastika". From the description, the update appears to remove the entire font, which also includes Japanese characters, musical notes and a Star of David.

The swastikas were discovered in December, causing heated debate on typography websites (the main point to take home being that in most of the world, the swastika is a good luck symbol, whose name derives from the Sanskrit for "all is well").

A removal tool was provided, but until now this has been optional, allowing those who don't connect the swastika with Nazis to continue to use it (or ignore it). Apparently removal has now become a critical matter, which ranks alongside a major security patch.