MessageLabs has upgraded its content and image control services with greater accuracy support for document types.

MessageLabs' Email Content Control 3.0 and Email Image Control 2.0 are offered as managed services that scan emails for inappropriate, confidential or malicious content sent or received by an organisation's employees. The services help companies implement acceptable email policies and ensure compliance with a range of government and industry regulations, according to company officials.

The upgraded services can now scan within Microsoft Office attachments and include customisable notifications, so that email administrators can change the text within a notification to better fit the organisation, they said.

Email Content Control 3.0 also features a reorganised management interface that makes rule details easier to find, and can decompress files for scanning. The service can use the same security policies as a company's email system, and rules can be set on a user-by-user basis, officials said.

Email Image Control 2.0 includes new algorithms for analysing image attributes in order to accurately distinguish inappropriate content, officials said. Pricing for the upgraded services was not made available.

MessageLabs, which offers a range of managed services that provide email, web and content security, competes with the likes of Postini, ScanSafe, and many others.