McAfee has updated its managed security service to allow companies to scan their own websites to spot vulnerabilities.

The company has also introduced the ability to check for compliance with payment-card industry standards for handling financial data, said Sal Viveros, a McAfee security analyst.

The vulnerability assessment service scans websites to see if they've been hacked and then can send reports to administrators as to what's wrong. The service can also check to see if a particular webite complies with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, which is a set of rules supported by card companies such as MasterCard and Visa.

McAfee has also integrated into the latest release technology that came from Secure Computing, which McAfee bought last year.

That includes TrustedSource, which was Secure Computing's intelligence system for collecting information on malware, email and web threats. It can judge the legitimacy of a website or email message based on its reputation, or a set of characteristics that can be analyzed to determine what threat it poses.

The web filtering in 5.0 has been improved, allowing administrators more control over the websites their users can access, Viveros said. For example, websites that have only come online in the past week or so could be blocked, Viveros said. Harmful websites often are online for less than that time before an Internet service provider takes one down.

McAfee has also tweaked other performance aspects, such as administrators' ability to collect data on the status of their deployed machines through an improved management console, Viveros said.

McAfee has also thrown SiteAdvisor into the package. SiteAdvisor scans web pages that are returned after a query on a search engine and gives a yellow or red warning for those that may harm a person's PC.

A new feature in 5.0 allows administrators access to those sites and only lets users go to those that get the green check icon. Previously, users could still visit sites that were marked as harmful or questionable, Viveros said.

It costs US$40.30(£24.40) per user per year up for up to 50 users, $32.75(£19.80) for up to 500 users and $29(£17.50) for up to 1,000 users, McAfee said.