McAfee has announced McAfee Anti-Theft File Protection, an innovative security software which provides privacy and theft protection for valuable files stored on a PC.

By enabling PC users to lock their important files such as bank statements, tax returns, business documents and even photos in a digital vault, McAfee Anti-Theft can safeguard them against identity and PC thieves, hackers and others.

The software can be used regardless of what security software users already have installed on their PCs. McAfee has combined ease of use with powerful data and information security to make it simple for everyone in the family or small business to quickly secure personal and sensitive information. In just a few easy steps, users can create their own vault, store sensitive and personal files and protect their vault with a secure password.

Users can also create multiple vaults per PC so that those sharing a computer can have their own personal vault. Also, if a password is forgotten it can easily be reset by simply answering a number of verification questions created by the user.

McAfee Anti-Theft File Protection is now available for sale for US$29.99 (£15 approx).